Whether you’re living in a small place or you decide to have a small room convertible into something else, this combination of furniture pieces is a very useful feature. A small living room can be turned into an extra bedroom or a guest room for example without much effort on your part. Some designs are already complete with all sorts of extras and features that increase the functionality and comfort. One example is this nice recliner that includes a pretty cool and handy feature: a TV. It’s small and simple and it has cable management and foldable surfaces.

This offers a variety of advantages. First of all, it allows you to save lots of space when waiting for your TV to be ready when you need it. Also, if you think you’ll take up some extra space when you move into a new home, a small TV will allow you to hide it and to have a clean and organized room, saving you a lot of space. And speaking of the big advantage, you could store the TV in a box that you connect to the internet and it will also allow you to keep the extra space when you’re not using it.

Then there’s also another feature that we really want to mention here: a fireplace that has a TV mounted on the fireplace wall. This feature can be chosen by opting for a wall-mounted TV, a set of matching chairs or an unconventional console table. You can have both pieces displayed on a shelf, provided that there’s enough space on the wall for them.

Living Room Layout With Two Recliners, A Standard Coffee Table And A TV In The Living Room Photo 6

Of course, you can also choose to have the TV mounted on the wall and to mount it on the same support that holds it suspended. It will not only make it easier for you but it will also provide a unique look to the room. For example, the room could feature a faux fireplace or a decal in the same theme. You can create all of this yourself from scratch and also use your imagination to give your home some flavor by using a blank slate.{found on howaboutorange}.

Living Room Layout With Two Recliners, A Standard Coffee Table And A TV In The Living Room Photo 7