For those who don’t really need wall lamps in their living rooms but still want to add some spark to the decor, a little magical glow would be a great choice. There are plenty of designs to choose from and one of them would definitely be perfect for the living room. This piece, for example, could be great as a nightstand lamp in the bedroom or in the guest room.

The model is called Drop Time. It’s a handmade item and it features a 915 watt battery charged by LED lights that are housed inside an aluminum/steel frame. The pulley-style lamp is very sleek and stylish and it’s a piece that would look beautiful in the living room, in the bedroom and basically anywhere else. It has a contemporary look and it’s available in a variety of colors and finishes.

The Drop Time lamp offers a subtle light, suitable for those late into the night because of the minimalist design. It’s a very beautiful lamp with a simple but intriguing design. The cross-beam structure has been sealed to prevent dust and water droplets from reflecting on the lamp and this also makes it a very durable fixture. The overall dimensions of this product are 13.25L x 12.25W x 23.5H. It’s a very stylish and modern lamp. It doesn’t have a switch, light bulb or a shade. Assembly is required and it’s not difficult.Available for 139,800 euros.

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