Leather sectional sofas are a very common choice for areas such as the living room or the bedroom. However, they need to be chosen with care because they can easily overdo the décor. When watching a live-comfortable sofa you can be certain that it’s a risk-taking purchase. In this case, the antique look suits it well.

The living room sofa presented so far is actually a very suitable piece of furniture for the reading corner as well. Its design has been cleverly adapted to make it suitable for this space. Also, a very beautiful thing about it is the fact that it brings together the two most important elements of a living room design: the fireplace and the sectional.

The sectional sofa features breathable leather upholstery perfectly combining a soft breeze with the warmness of the velvet. Its overall dimensions are W 78? x D 31? x H 48? while the standard model is between W 75? x H 33? x I 31? x H 16 1/4?. Besides the typical design, the sectional also comes in a variety of fabrics which would look good anywhere. Leccouria fabrics are one of the most famous and considered to be timeless and classic.

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The Levet back back in one of the simplest models. Even though the piece is made of pure velvet, you can also choose a silk/polyester blend if you want something with a more aggressive texture. Either way, this piece, even though it looks simple, is also comfortable. The sectional sofa can be purchased for the price of 924 euros and, if you also need the backs unit, it costs 1,ike. The full-length arm is padded with a high-density foam in the same style as the sectional. The dimensions of the sectional sofa are 31? x 62?. You can buy it for the price of 1,239 euros.

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