Once you see the whole picture of grey, you feel hollow. You feel naked inside, in a jungle where money signs says that you have no proof. The nights are long and you wake up in the middle of a mountain. You probably can’t admire the whole picture, as it is all illusion. Perhaps the night can bring you closer to reality, so you better decorate yourself to get rid of all the negative thoughts. Here are some ideas of living room ideas for grey sofa and chairs.

Grey is the general picture for grey. It is said to be the colour of innocence and love. It is said to be the perfect colour for a cold day, when you are benefited by nature. Feng shui concept says: “The grey living room should be pleasant and relaxing”. So in order to have a perfect relaxing position in your living room, you should decorate your sofa and chairs in the same neutral color. In the above mentioned colours, the grey is your choice.