The living room is a large space that usually represents a large bedroom, family room, a child’s room or even a separate guest room if the occupant is a 14 year old girl. This type of design suits girls since they need more than just a comfortable bed to sleep in. A high ceiling, in the case of the living room, is sometimes preferred because it creates a more intimate and pleasant atmosphere and, in some cases, it means more than a comfortable bed.

Another great advantage that comes with this type of design is the fact that the high ceilings can be used to maximum advantage. For a living room that has a high ceiling, a statement piece or anything else would be very effective. For example, you can have a beautiful wall painting that falls asleep in the high ceiling, creating a romantic atmosphere. The image of the high ceilings can also be visually appealing.

One more thing about high ceilings – they don’t have to be dark and complicated if the design is well chosen. It’s best to opt for a simpler design if you want to have a uniform and a simple living room. It’s a lot more fun to combine several styles and to be able to do so with influences from different areas of the world. For example, a modern living room with a wooden ceiling might better suit to have a wooden floor or a wooden panel Ceiling.

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