If you’re ever on the lookout for furniture for your contemporary living room, let me tell you a secret. When you think about furniture, you don’t even imagine thatancy would be of any importance. In this article, we’re going to focus on the “living room furniture under 500$”. After all, the living room isn’t the dining room, not until it’s a part of the entertainment center.

Now when you think about it, living rooms are spacious. They represent a large number of guests that usually stay for dinner and party. In terms of room size, the furniture often just fits in there. However, a corner shouldn’t be overlooked, whether it’s corner sofa, tiny coffee corner or anything.

Since you now understand how to arrange all your furniture in the corner, let’s see how you can make that part of the décor seem less predictable. Let’s see what new trends you’ll have to see in the coming year. These trends will be eye catching in the living room, coffee corner or any room of the house.

Mix patterns and colors.

The most fashionable patterns and colors for the living room are usually bold and eye-catching colors. So introducing them is not that hard and takes some time. The best to do is to mix and match various colors on the couch and chairs but allow them to be the same color as the walls.

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Plants for the room.

Instead of gray walls, you can use bold shades like this one. Green and pink are also the base colors and they too are the base colors for this pattern. The ones you use in the rug match the walls and the pillows so they integrate beautifully into the décor.

Add texture with wood elements.

The wood also forms the texture on the wall or in the floor and it’s an element that adds warmth and texture to the décor. Wood is a material that is actually pretty versatile and it can be sued to be used both in modern and traditional decors but also in decors defined by simple, casual and chic silhouettes.

Create contrast with the furniture.

The walls are your best friend when it comes to introducing color and pattern into a room. So if you have plain walls in the living room, a fun and playful color for the furniture would be great. For example, go with a bold color for the dining chairs as well as for the bookshelves or decorations and highlight their beautiful colors with the use of bright pillows and artwork.

Don’t forget the lighting.

You need to be careful when you choose the lighting for the living room. It has to be bright and functional but it also has to look inviting. The lighting in the living room should be soft and pleasant to look at.selected in.

Go with a more modular approach.

It’s important to have a sense of flexibility in the living room and that means you should include a variety of seating pieces and décor elements. Some might be reminiscent of the dining room chairs but other are also made of modular pieces which take up very little floor space. This is something to take into consideration when you design the living room.

Add warmth with wood.

Wood is a material that maintains the living room either being a cozy and elegant space or a very cozy and inviting space. That’s mostly because wood is a warm and elegant material and this is also what makes it great for the bedroom. Use wood in an interesting form to accentuate the natural beauty of the décor.

Modular designs.

The way in which various combinations of materials can be used to create a living room/ dining space is not unusual. However, it’s a bit unconventional to use an entire wall unit in a room. Modular wall units go great with multifunctional furniture as well as beautifully designed furniture. A modular unit can become a beautiful focal point in numerous different ways. Combine various pieces and spaces units can also change their function depending on the composition.

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