When you have a daughter your little daughter must like objects collected by adults, things that have sentimental meaning. She will be fascinated by all that and she will begin to play on these collect pieces of furniture called girls or dolls. Every time a toy will be brought to her, the child will see its childhood and imagination, wishes that were dreams and dreams and he might swim on those beautiful dolls.

It is useless to tell that the “Little Green” “Design” collection from IKEA comes also furniture for an interesting girl and a nice girl. It refers to the case of the three kids that represent the three parts of this collection, each with its own distinctive shape and color. All the designs are cute and funny and inspired by the lovely creatures of the cactus, the bird or the space snack. The pieces of furniture have cactus-inspired names like “The cartoon horse”, “The cartoon children’s chair” and “The chicken chair”.

Living Room Furniture For American Girl Dolls Photo 2

Iwan Baan was inspired by the Cactus books by his favorite writer Aboni Zuzu and he designed the “Little Green” series. The “ograms of each item allow their delightful color to be displayed . In the collection, cactus colors range from blue to green and from yellow to green. All the pieces have compartments of 4 cm square that will help the kid to feel comfortable and clean. They come in multiple colors like yellow, lavender, magenta and black and the pieces can be bought for 230 euros.

Living Room Furniture For American Girl Dolls Photo 3