As we’ve said numerous times before, the ideal furniture for a kid’s bedroom is not that big. In fact, it’s much more space-efficient than it is now. So if your kid needs a bed or a separate spaces for different activities, maybe it can opt for a system that allows him to use a single room. We found a wonderful collection of living room furniture that allowed him to have more freedom when taking a day at school and even to use a more unconventional means when it came to furniture.

In this collection one of the most popular furniture changing was this series of convertible furniture called Modica. It’s by Produkitekten and it offers a variety of storage furniture such as dresser drawers and even a desk. The pieces can be easily combined to obtain extra shelves or closet units. This means that they can be used in two different ways. When the need arises, you can either use one drawer, the other one close to your closet, or a larger piece that can easily fit under the bed. This always works, especially if the need arises after just a few moves from the bed to another piece of furniture.

This collection is suitable for both dressing rooms and bedrooms. It offers modular furniture and come in numerous colors and finishes. The pieces can be used independently as storage units or used in combination with similar pieces. The collection was designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture. The name was inspired by its beautiful surroundings and the landscape where the collection is located.

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