This beautiful and fresh living room is part of the Espacio Bilbao Arquitetura and is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a project developed under the leadership of the architects from Atria Arquitetura. This architectural studio designed the Sao Paulo living room with the function of a multipurpose space. The designers’ main task was to make the most of the available space.

The idea was to create a contemporary design without losing functionality. Nevertheless, it was a success. The space on which the living room was designed is organized perpendicularly and on two levels. The lower level contains the living room and two are sleeping areas. In addition, the upper level is all the rest of the house.

The furniture is minimalist and the whole design is very functionally organized. The kitchen has three piece, from a corner, the only one which actually occupied most of the space. It was redesigned as well and it features a very beautiful blend of black and chrome and steel. The lounge area has a very nice texture created by the wood and white elements. The walls have been painted black and they give a touch of elegance to this space.

Living Room Flow Jhene Aiko Hem Workspace Photo 3

The area also includes the black and white areas. The bedroom is very relaxing. It has a very cozy and relaxing décor, mostly because of the curtain wall. Here the walls are covered with wallpaper. The bedroom is very beautiful and the white beams in the ceiling are the most beautiful architectural and décor elements. The walls, the ceilings and the furniture are contrasting while the furniture itself is very simple. The living room is relatively small but spacious. It has just the right amount of different shades of yellow in different colors.{found on archdaily}.

Living Room Flow Jhene Aiko Hem Workspace Photo 4