Nowadays there seems to be an arrival of modern furniture and also living room design ideas. All the modern gadgets and appliances have become so modern and bright that it is hard to look at them and put in them the exact same way and yet still find the right balance. All the rooms are now decorated in a nice overall manner, with a good overall tone and appropriate colors for the furniture. I like the idea of arranging a sofa in a room where it serves as a comfy sofa and where you can use it to sit down and fresh air in the middle of a day.

The white electric piano fits perfectly the place. It shares a double-sided design with the bookcase and the two colors used in the decoration seem appropriate for book readers and more specifically to the white and green modern kids’ room that is loved by all kids.

Of course the living room is the main room that is painted in green and pink and has all sorts of wonderful decorations and nice furniture, but this room is the surprise when we are in the mood and want to have a romantic dinner. All the walls of the house are decorated with traditional and beautiful mirrors and the modern elements are very well chosen, too. The curtains and the glass top table are the perfect finishing touch.

Living Room Design Ideas Grey Sofa By Inga Yu Photo 4