The leather is usually perceived as being a safe choice for the kids’ rooms. It’s a soft material, resistant and durable but also versatile and it can be easily mixed with other textures and colors. However, it takes time for the leather to be perfectly fine and appreciated. However, it usually takes that appreciateability to become true.

As it turns out, leather furniture, sofas, sofas, all have something special and that is created using leather. The Split Off chair is a beautiful representation of this concept. This is a chair that was designed by Philipp Von Huxley. Its main attraction is the structure made of two separate parts. The shell consists of a multitude of folding aluminum sheets or fibers which are rolled and shaped and then trapped by the large rubber gromms that are applied to the furniture.

The chair features a series of fiber fibers wrapped in a breathable synthetic fabric oryl coated with anti-glare polyester fiber. The design is simple and modern. The main idea behind this project was to reinvent and to adapt the elements from a sofas and sofa and to make them from a new perspective, that of a light and breezy indoor space. The mechanism is cleverly disguised as a sleek built-in handle and the result is an eclectic design with a modern and minimalist flair.

Living Room Decor Black Leather Sofa Photo 3

Living Room Decor Black Leather Sofa Photo 4