When you have a pet you realize there are a lot of reasons why you should take care of it and you’re trying to feed it without making it lose its usefulness. A pet that also becomes very unappealing is not the best option. There are lots of things that you can do to hide the mess and you should find ways to hide the mess and to make it even more pleasant to both of you.

There are lots of ways in which you can use corner shelves. For example, you could have a lot of things hidden in and hidden inside shelves, like these closed book shelves or these simple shelves. Another alternative can be to have recessed storage nooks that fit within the side of the bookcase and that also take advantage of the wall mounted hooks that hold the books. These corner shelves can be recessed if the weight of the new book is any big.

The recessed storage shelves also have another advantage. The shelves themselves can be used to store books or other objects that you might like to read before you go to a new page. The shelves themselves are quite similar. Here’s a great example of how recessed storage shelves intersect a bookcase.{found on califersouriter}.

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Recessed bookcases are a great option for small rooms. In here they occupy little space and they can even fill empty nooks. In terms of functionality, they’re great because recessed storage shelves are both practical and decorative. You can use them to store a book, planters, remote controls and all sorts of other things.{found on caryscoastinteriors}.

A different type of setup could be the corner of a hallway or in a space where such a feature takes place. For example, you could have exposed ceiling beams or a similar texture in the room’s décor. Opt for these places areas to be the exception.{found on rut brise}.

Corner shelves are perfect for small bathrooms. It’s often nice to have some open space that you can use for storage, storage for everything else or just the nooks really under the sink. In that case, corner shelves are just perfect. Store small necessities close at hand and organize them using a simple open bookcase, as shown here.

Corner shelves work well for a variety of spaces. The wall of need for shelves is ideal for hanging organizational tools and other such supplies. Another good place for them to fit under the sink is above the sink or under the toilet. Or, if you’re clever, stack some of the items on a tray.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Corner shelves are ideal if you want to create a clean look wherever you place them. The shelves themselves can be thin, simple, subtle and they suit a wide variety of styles and themes. Matching shelves can be used to frame the mirror, the table, the vanity in the case of the walk in closet or to hang the vanity in a room that might have armoire or just an appliance or maybe the dining room.{found on thedisplayofpress}.

You can place corner shelves in several different spaces and they can be of similar dimensions. For example, in the kitchen you could add a corner shelf mirror and a few upper cabinets with shelves/shelves on either side. Put some potted plants on the porch or deck if you have big gardens. Another idea is to build corner shelves into the design or to attach panels to the walls.{found on site}.

You can squeeze even more shelves out in a room. In the corner of the space above the bed you can use a similar strategy. Add a few shelves, space them out evenly and don’t be afraid to stuff everything into the little corner that everyone else has.{found on jillm}.

If you have enough room in the room, hide them behind closed doors. This way you won’t be compromising anything in the bathroom. And if you do, you’ll gain even more storage space as you use the shelves as storage space for all sorts of things.{found on elsiemarler}.