The living room is a space that needs to feel cozy and inviting, no matter how you decorate it. It’s not necessary for the furniture to be dark and gloomy, comfortable and all things considered and nothing more than just a space where you finally get to relax and forget about all your worries. You can make a room look adequately inviting through various methods without overwhelming the space with lots of colors or striking decorations and accent features.

Depending on the type of home you wish you could live in, you need to consider the color palette as it can often dictate the color and the style you use for the décor. For a living room, for example, a combination of dark walls, dark flooring would work well. This creates the impression of a more sophisticated and elegant décor. mix in a touch of natural wood or white and add a few red accents as well.

However, don’t forget about the importance of plenty of details and decorations in the living room’s décor. Even though the walls would need to be light and simple, you might want to add some color and subtle décor. For example, the walls could be decorated with vibrant artwork or with classical photos. Such a décor can be achieved with combination of white and dark colored leather furniture and a collection of decorative elements such as artwork, etc.

A splash of color could also look beautiful in the living room. You can use color if you want. This color combination is usually associated with dark colors such as brown and black or with warm colors, green and yellow. So decide whether you want the living room to be bright or elegant. If you opt for a combination of colors, maybe you could use pastels and warm tones as well. Still, keep in mind that balance is always welcomed. Try to add soft and subtle tones of brown, yellow and beige without making the space seem boring and cluttered.

Choose a balance throughout the living room. For example, opt for neutral colors such as neutrals and if you want to create a welcoming décor maintain the traditional look. Instead of using too many colors, use a multitude of textures and patterns to create an elegant balance.

If you decide to create an aristocratic décor, your living room furniture could incorporate the theme of the first décor you choose and not the current trend. You could use a multitude of floor pillows and opt for elegant pieces such as a wooden coffee table or a set of identical furniture featuring identical designs, colors and finishes.

Create contrasts in your living room. If you insist on using a dark color you should consider using white or brown tones. It will create a clean background for everything else and it will also create a warm and homely atmosphere.

Depending on your choice of paint you should choose to use a contrasting shade such a berry grey, a warm beige or a very pale grey. For a rich effect try ombre shelves. They are extremely popular and have a modern twist. If you prefer something really old-school you can try creating an eclectic wallpapered living room. The shelves themselves features an interesting geometric design and covers an entire wall. There are also high-quality options such as satin Ikat patterns and colorful accent pillows.

Don’t forget about the little things. If you take time to choose the items that give your living room character, it will more than likely end up looking more impressive than it actually is. The prime example is the vibrant and colorful wall hanging by Mim Design.