While some of us are decorating our living room and dining room with a neutral color palette, others may prefer something more playful . On the other hand, some decorating ideas are more suitable for girls and women, so they can use items of furniture such as bedding, brushes and other decorative elements to add a pop of color and pattern to the room. Let’s take a look at some color schemes proposed by MassimoDonna.

Let’s take a look at this living room for more inspiration. First of all, the colors used here are pastels. They are soft and pale blue, which complements the wooden furniture and the chandeliers. Another nice detail is the fact that the color palette includes pastel tones, not so on precious or delicate shades but mostly nude shades. Also, once you look at the walls, you eventually realize that there are no boundaries between pastels and pastels.

The combination of pastels and pastels is not a very common one but it’s elegant and charming. Also, the furniture here is very stylish, not to mention very comfortable. The colors chosen are also pastel. There are many elements that make this living room stand out. But we’re only going to focus on the furniture and the decorations and get this image into consideration.