Maison au bord du lac is a very beautiful contemporary home located in Messines, Canada. It’s a very good-looking 11-room detached house with a modern décor and a very nice combination of rustic and modern.Maison au bord du lac is a very beautiful detached house. It has five bedrooms and it’s situated in the same area but slightly less beautiful. The traditional atmosphere surrounding the house is still visible in the case of an extension, the renovation of this 18-storey property.

The project was completed in 2013 and the house sits on a 300 square foot lot. The interior renovation was a complete innovation that basically changed the whole look of this house. The main goal was to create a modern interior where the owners could have the flexibility and freedom of living in a contemporary and modern décor. The designers managed to accomplish that by including lots of glass in the décor.

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Traces of the original house were visible in the new extension but without using classical materials that have been reused over the years. The kitchen and dining areas are particularly interesting. Since they had little space available, a single island was used instead of a separate table. The sofa was placed in front of the glass wall and that was a clever choice. The house also got a beautiful master bedroom that is located in parallel with the master bedroom.

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The house is indeed beautiful but not as easy toimmersize as it should be. The layout chosen for the extension basically created a series of small rooms in the existing house with little space for walking in and storage areas contained between them. These areas were reconfigured. The garage now has bar and a kitchen in the corner.{images from Scott}.

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This is Mancini Park, a wonderful development in San Pedro Minas Stileia. It’s a contemporary development that sits on an island about 900 kun while it also features a small annex. It was a project by Cultivructure, completed in 2013. The idea was to to make the program a single giant space in which every single room and every function would have a view of the landscape and a touch of modernism and a blend with the surrounding environment.

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The architects managed to do that by using multiple materials. stone, terrazzo, adobe, wood and metal are the primary ones. The design is simple and quite imposing but there’s a lot more than that. One of the most beautiful points about this residence is that it blends into the landscape so perfectly.

The proximity between the residence and the beach is perhaps the most important design feature. The architects took advantage of this advantage and created a very beautiful view that can be admired both from inside the house and also from other areas either inside.

The large windows and strategically-positioned glass surfaces ensure a seamless and natural transition between the indoor and outdoor areas. The atmosphere in here is very pleasant and the large windows and all the glass surfaces and the modern and fresh décor.

The interior design is fresh and simple, a detail that adds character to the residence. The color palette is also pleasant, featuring tones of grey and natural wood. The so called simplicity of this design is also quite subtle. There’s not a particular detail which suggests continuity and perfection other that it suggests cleanliness and cohesiveness here.