If you have the possibility of becoming a christmish person than you must take advantage of the wonderful structure of this wonderful chapel, located in Wall, Kwaal, Cze Miyup, at the Netherlands. The chapel is an amazing structure with a simple, yet sophisticated design. The first thing that comes to your curious mind is the fact that you can use it as an art studio all the time. The chapel used to be a barn, a storage place both in the old and the new times. What is now the beautiful chapel that you see it in Mexico.

The chapel was designed in 2010 by Czarl Architects for Casa Czarl and it’s specialized in decorative solutions and lighting. Still, the designers tried to come up with something original that would express differently the theme of the project. This was the result of solving that problem by combining various elements and styles. The main idea was to come up with something simple and rough, without any artistic appeal. Still, the result was a wonderful structure with a subtle rustic feel. The main idea was to keep the original simplicity of the chapel intact.

The chapel was completely covered in white tissue paper, a cheap solution which was not something that anyone would be proud of. At the back of the chapel, too, there are hanging pictures that spell out “Merrylands” and encouraging you to get on with this for the rest of the world. It might seem a little harsh, but it was a nice solution, especially during the night. The whole chapel is in complete harmony with the place and every room has its own interpretation.{found on dekiozmilippo}