It’s true that armless chairs are very practical during the day, but by night they too need to be admired. When you have a relaxing atmosphere, that’s when things get a little bit simpler. The chair looks so comfortable and homely it should be in a living room, office or basically anywhere else. However, when you think about it, if you weren’t covered in armless chairs then you probably wouldn’t be able to resist this change and would only have to deal with arms.

However, those who have the advantage of armless chairs know what that is like. But it turns out that there are a few elements you need to take into consideration before going ahead with purchasing armless chairs so that they can look even better as part of your home. Here’s a detailed tutorial on finding the right armless chair for your living room:

1. To create the comfortable chair you will need some fabric, drop cloth, two large sheets of fabric, cushion liner, fabric paint and stretcher.

2. Lay out the fabric and leave a couple of clean sheets. Cut the template to the placement of the neck down to size and go ahead and draw the pattern on the canvas. Apply two coats of white and let it dry. Place the chair down on a flat surface and flip it over. Tuck down the pattern.

3. To give the chair a little bit of antique appeal, use cream color paint. You will need to apply several coats of paint. If you want to go for more antique details you can use gold spray paint. For more modern details you can also choose grout.

4. If there are any issues with the chair but the wrong fabric, there is a simple way to fix them. Choose a water proof chair that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If the chair does not have a water proof cover, add a few colored towels and use rubber bands to fix the problem. Also, you should make sure that the chair is dry and not in the wet state.

5. And finally, to add a little bit more modernism, make sure you add a light colored piece of fabric to the chair. In order to secure the seat, add a thin detail to the underside of the chair rim.