After a long and busy day, the position of the living room is important. You need a sofa to lay on but not too comfortable, a couch or two, a coffee table and a dining table. So you need a couch and a coffee table to eat upon. If you need to arrange furniture on the sofa when you have parties at home, you need some kind of seating. This is intended to be a flexible space so you use the same living room as you have dinner or kids use. So the basic steps for moving in the living room or in an apartment are the chairs and the sofa.

The first step is deciding what to buy. If you buy furniture like a lounge chair or a couch you’ll spend a lot more because it will be lifted higher. I remind sometimes how weak we are so once you have an apartment it’s easier to buy what you like than to form our tastes.

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Secondly, you have to figure out where you want to place it. This is where you will place the dining table, the sofa, the sofa bed, and also some lighting fixture to illuminate the room at night. For me the kitchen is one room to living without a coffee and homework area, and a very important one is the dining table area.

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The point is to have large tables where the family can move freely around to where their meal is cooked and dine. And to distribute the good food, a chandelier made of small metal strings hanging from the ceiling.

As I said earlier, lighting is extremely important in the kitchen and dining room. A chandelier will certainly illuminate the room and everybody will know it. So take the time to decide on the lighting style you like and maybe add some extra lighting fixtures to customize the chandelier.

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Then it’s time to choose the people to go to the restaurant. For me, it was very important to choose the Plakat as a place where the family can get together and have fun. So when I was in Sweden for vacation I checked the Plakat and it was offering free food and complimentary drinks to its guests. So if you are going to visit the restaurant you will have to contact the plakat company to get a list of all the necessary permits and details for the order.