This cozy apartment is located in Stockholm and it belongs to Eva Lindinger. She bought this apartment one year before so she worked tirelessly to make it beautiful over the years. It was very beautiful but, still, there was a small place to live in. She chose this small apartment to start her free adventures after that.

When she first bought the apartment, it was very small. It looks like it could have been a very big and crowded space. That was changed by Vaskemarkt. The apartment is part of an Eastside location, unlike the other apartments that have less than perfect privacy. The walls and ceilings have been painted white and this makes the rooms feel even smaller.

The apartment features a double bed in the bedroom, a sofa, bed, a bedside table and an office with lots of storage. During the day, the white background is all gone but that’s not even the space-saving changes you would have to make. In this case, the whole room was painted white. Several pillows and other decorative elements add color and contrast to the furniture. The kitchen also has a white cabinet, white in the living room and a white dining table. The bathroom is very bright and it was expanded with a sliding door.{found on livealdonews}.

Living Room Center Bedford In A Tiny Apartment Photo 3

Living Room Center Bedford In A Tiny Apartment Photo 4