This very bright and colorful living room café el cajón blvd asociados congruió di boss e Spagnol located in a building refurbished originally in the 1980s but which was later renovated by the new owners who are architects Ana Spagnol and Enric Marquesiu. It is a building that once was a kind of attic store located in the heart of regional Tarragona, Spain. The original part of the roof was covered with sun rays and as a result, the space got a look that looked really according to the original design so the architects decided to completely renovate it.

The first renovation involved changing the ceilings, the walls and adding a new fireplace and a modern kitchen. All the existing beams that were brought down through a newly installed steel ventilation system, were removed and replaced with steel beams. This type of renovation gave the architects the opportunity to create a very interesting and modern boutique coffee shop. Inside, we can find beautiful white furniture and interesting light fixtures.

In the building at all time, the priority was to promote the use of multifunctional spaces. A variety of places were created, such as public meeting areas, private offices, and service rooms.

Starting from there, the first step was creating a technologically-inspired environment. majority of the interior design was created according to the original elements: the fireplace in the living room, the shape of the furniture and the use of turquoise glass for the curtains. Inside and outside there were used green solutions systems to control the amount of sunlight and air inside. Among the materials used, the chromatic system was very much influenced both by the natural light conditions and the natural wood for the furniture. Architectural details were combined with colors from the green vegetation and other natural elements and the result is amazing.