This is the Life Cafe from Hristavore Design, a team that always has a new idea in terms of interior design. They come up with new concepts and designs for all sorts of environments. This one, for example, is inside a cafe and thus it’s an eclectic space.

The interior is quite small but it has all the comfort of a cozy home. The cafe is very homey and inviting, with wood columns and tables, lots of potted plants and comfortable furniture. As the designers themselves declare, this is a small project and the whole idea of a cafe is one of adventure and relaxation. Hristavore Design uses sustainable materials and brings them to the next level.The decorations are abstract but in tone with the main theme of the cafe. They include bold graphics of vegetation and fruit baskets. Overall, this cute place is decorated with all sorts of fun elements that might not always happen if you were to live in a different world. It’s a little creepy, a little strange but, combined, it looks inviting and friendly.{found on hypebeast}.

Living Room Cafe And Bistro In Greece Photo 2

Living Room Cafe And Bistro In Greece Photo 3