When you decide to purchase a property in São Paulo, Brazil, the thoughts that occupy your attention on this unusual place are often being overwread: mainly privacy regulations and Madison International architects picked a beautiful view of the mountains as the canvas, and the choice of furniture in natural wood as the pieces that define the look of this contemporary piece of interior design.

This inviting and bar themed living room, with long dark curtains and glass walls, was bought with the intention of spending each evening and staying there through the day, in bed or in sofa seats, when it’s sunny outside and the TV is by remote, but, at the same time, connected to the elements on the floor, the corner that has been landscaped, defines the living space.

Living Room Bar W Hotel Times Square By Car Photo 2

Designed to allow a maximum of intimacy, with a none definite lime garden, and having a literally garden, the living room is designed as a terrace that surrounds the complex with large glass walls from each chestnut trellis to which there is a vertical garden. From the double volume living/dining room, we can see the breath-taking garden of 10.4 meters wide. The living room/dining room widens even more with the use of big black window climbers that fill the gaps between the deep grey wall tones. They give the taste of a real painting on the wall; in fact, their work and decoration counterpart, like the living room/dining room, are painted in black and white, combining and matching several different tones of blue.

Living Room Bar W Hotel Times Square By Car Photo 4

In a floor to ceiling space, from the first floor, we encounter the open plan kitchen and family room, which has been furnished with large pieces of furniture in order to allow great views to the magnificent landscape that is Costa Brava. With great wide windows, one can enjoy countless fires with family and friends as dining.

One can enjoy the wide range of decorative fish patterns and singular crystal chandeliers from the fabulously sculpted central island. From dark, minimalist bedrooms to the guestrooms, we can see countless combinations of latex shades and latex sheets with whimsical and unconventional patterns. A red-capped pendant lamp hangs over a wood burning fireplace in front of a custom-made long rectangular bed.Outside you can see the interior of the luxurious home. In the back, we found exquisite homes with modern fireplaces and huge bedrooms. A fireplace placed below a large stone sculpture can be found in the great room with a marble and Lucite fireplacetop.

One of the most distinct features of the home is the exclusive use of earthenware in the home, thus giving it a rustic touch. The fireplace ceiling has also been decorated with porcelain tiles. The beautiful floors made of big, inlaid parquet, are the perfect spots of decoration. Down to the artistic furnishings, the hotel remains a charming haven.”

Photos by: Leonardo Finotti

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