When designing a living room or a bar you usually focus on the layout and on some aspect that have to do with the layout of the space but also so that the furniture and decorations don’t steal all the attention, that the TV fits or does it stand out on its own? It’s the same with the bar, the rooms have to look beautiful and intriguing so there are certain ways of doing that. Let’s take a look at this beautiful space from a home at the present.

This is a Madrid apartment and it holds spaces that are just as beautiful as those in the old times. The living room is not particularly large but it integrates a small island/bar and a few small features like that beautiful antique chandelier from the dining room.

It’s been opened to the kitchen and the living/dining room and then a few steps in front of the window are the transition between these spaces. The kitchen is relatively small but, because of that, it has ample storage space as well as windows on three sides so there’s plenty of natural light. The atmosphere in the living area is very calm and refreshing.

The living/dining room is very airy and spacious. The furniture is simple and mostly made of wood, featuring clean, modern designs and white frames and moldings. The chandelier is also a beautiful decorative element.

A similar living room also got plenty of flooring and was in good condition. It was originally a bedroom and it has a large window in the back with enough light to see it and to also have a view of the beautiful garden. The furniture from the living room is simpler and inviting and has a classical allure. The dining area is also quite small but has plenty of storage space and a beautiful white classical table with a stone top.

The bathroom is small but very stylish. It has white concrete walls that create a similar texture and ceiling and a spacious shower. We also like the wooden shelves. The combination of wood with certain glossy finishes creates a sense of warmth and comfort.

The bedroom looks very soothing and relaxing. It’s elegant and has plenty of space on either side, separating the areas and creating a sense of privacy. The walk-in closet is very functional and organized. It’s divided into three sections. There’s a double bed, drawers seamlessly hidden and a good amount of space for storage and display items. On either side of the bed there’s a dresser. The bathroom keeps alive the retro feel of the apartment and its modern touch.