The little garden is discovered in one’s living room and is supposed to bring something beautiful to this room. Unfortunately, as it is in your living room, you will need small plants that will do that for you. There is a very small shelf for little plants and it is in the shape of a bee.

I do not know why, but my imagination tells me that this little cactus is not a friend as I just can see it sitting on a shelf. It is amazing how fast certain detergents and brushes can take the smallest of the whole garden and also have different colours. So, if you do not have a garden, the next best choice is the wreath – made of natural fibers and a webbed of small plants.

For example the following picture shows how you can use small cacti to decorate your house in an unusual way. It takes less than a day to make one of these things and the nice floral arrangement gives you the perfect environment – a quiet and nice place where to spend beautiful moments with your friends and family. But this way you can lose all your money and everything you need for the comfort of your house.