The living room is obvious the features that make it feel cozy, elegant, stylish and inviting, but there are also other smaller items, such as decorations or maybe plants and flowers. On this day, all these items have to be brought in and used and repaired, but sometimes you can help your family beautified by the help of the above objects of a living room. One very example is the wall planters that have the shape of an egg, but having an orange container at the ends.

I simply love the egg planters and, even though I love them very much, they still need a little adjustment because they do not have a proper shape and design. This is a complete ruin that needs a fresh new look and design and where kids are not used to playing with too many items, so it needs a fresh approach and a change in style. That is why I like this egg planter, though not made completely from ceramics, so that it could be placed in a more modern home. It is not really a planter, but more like a small planter, placed on top of the dishes that kids love to spread around the house.

The fact that the egg is covered in a special kind of glue where even if it is a ceramic dish or any other kind of item the little stuck inside it has the feeling that it sinks into the wall and protects it from allthings divine. It is spread on the floor with a special place and it is immediately flooded with light. The glue that adorns the egg in the picture is made of copper and all the copper parts are doubled by a thick and strong wire grating that keep the glue suspended within them. The item can now be purchased for $47 from Pottery Barn.

Lime Green Living Room Accessories Photo 3