Designer Laurian Trotter proposes a compact and simple design for a living room. This compact design, from change of stages, should last for several years. You should see what else they can offer you regarding design and installation. They designed a very simple home called Loft capable of housing you six living room, four bedrooms, two 1/2 bathrooms and a winter garden. The Loft is great for the small living rooms because it gives them a bigger airy atmosphere and it’s cheaper and easier to do. The Loft by HRV design is reliable and comfortable in the winter.

Designers have tried to make things as simple as possible and to make the living room seem as much natural as possible. That’s probably why this living room looks very clean, like it’s made of spruced up materials. That’s not only possible in order to save costs on future construction. After all, a simple design like this one is more about the beauty of the interior design rather than anything else. Nevertheless, you can be sure there’s nothing like a relaxing interior when the sun is up!

The loft has a very calm chromatic palette. You can easily distinguish joy from hate, along with all the colors that this space has. It’s like a space was almost like used for its construction. What’s also interesting and unique is the fact that these colors and the combination of them was thought through such a realistic and meticulous process, combining concepts and concepts. That’s because this luxury living room manages to ignore almost completely any other elements in order to reach the “zero” level and to provide its owners with a pure environment where they can relax and clear their mind for a moment.{found on contemporist}.

Lighting For Living Room With Low Ceiling – Compact Designs By HRV Design Photo 3