Sometimes the very dark features in our home can quickly turn our room into a gloomy one. This grey carpet living room has been carefully chosen by keeping only the creams and wood pieces, leaving clean walls and free floor space. The cabinets and shelves are all made of wood and one other furniture piece has a grey linen finish.

The dark grey floor makes it look complete and cozy. The cabinets and shelves are made of bleached big hardwood and the simple and modern dining chairs have a grey sky printed on them and also a beautiful chunky grey leather seat cushion.

The grey stripe across the ceiling lets the room acquire some texture and gives a sensation of sleekness and elegance. As you can see, this is actually a rather austere living room, with too much dark furniture. You have to add the white surfaces and fine grained wood and the rest is just as easy. A grey sofa and a black area rug should guarantee a good distribution of the space.

I would say that it’s a very pleasant combination of colors. The grey and brown combination is not for everyone but it’s not a difficult one. Also, you should consult your history, as grey may be very good as a parent. You may also experience some grey lace while you’re in the living room. It’s a pattern that suits all the rooms, not only the living room and the bedroom. The rug may not look sophisticated from the outside but on the inside it definitely looks delicious.