There’s something about this furniture that seems to be perfect for the modern living room. The simplicity of the design, the color pallete and the fact that it fits in the corner of the picture makes it highly accessible for everyone. The furniture piece is perfect for this room, as it has that airy feel in it plus the white makes the overall gray look airy. The combination of light brown and beige is simply stunning.

This sofa will instantly transfer the light into your living room. It’s not an armchair, it’s neither one is too small but neither too comfortable. It has a contemporary design so it’s a very nice piece. However, there is one aspect that needs to be taken into consideration: the color.

The base of the sofa and the cushions are pastel colors. They match the walls and the furniture pieces. Also, the pattern and texture are very beautiful and delicate,perfect for a girl’s bedroom. The dark brown leather is also a great choice if you want to match the furniture. The sofa has a dark brown leather seat and footrest. The lavender wallpaper with red accents is a very beautiful and sophisticated touch.

Light Brown Living Room Furniture Photo 4