When decorating the living room, bright blue is the color of royalty and fashion. This is a color which can perfectly suit any room no matter how harsh or austere it may be. The color blue is a very forgiving color and it basically allows you to create a calming and relaxing décor while also creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The living room furniture is no exception. It features such an exquisite shade.

The sofa and chairs vary and are no longeraken by “safe blue” meaning that they are not safe even when they’re facing each other. This particular furniture shows us that if you fear someone or something, try to calmly face it.

The coffee table has been made from a collection that includes the table, the ottoman and the sofa. The collection is a very versatile one that allows you to store not only personal items but also some easy tools that you can use to create nice and cozy furniture for your home. The sofa is from the Ll Pad collection and it’s a semi-open cushioned sofa. The coffee table is actually made of two cushions one having a sunny place shape. The sofa uses a similar concept when it’s placed in the corner of the couch. The table is also handmade and it features smooth cuts and edges on the top and bottom part of the table.

Light Blue Living Room Furniture Photo 3

The second cushions are made from soft memory foam which also enhances the user’s comfort. The table can be rotated and its top becomes a chair. The turquoise upholstery is there just for color therapy. The sofa is available is several color combinations and you can choose from the base, the fabric, grey, black or white. The table in white version rests on the arm rests and if you want the table to be transparent, raise it and attach a paper or a pen to it.For $ 3,850 this piece of furniture can be yours. It doesn’t meant to be used at the movies. During the movie you’ll be watching bright movie and imagine all the black classy people in black hats all over the city.{pictures from here}

Light Blue Living Room Furniture Photo 4