When it comes to living room curtains, the color blue is a good choice because it allows you opt for a bright color to complete the décor while still being easy to match and contrast with. However, there’s a new way of making the bedroom look amazing and it’s using light blue. Let’s take a look at the details related to this color.

Let’s say you have a bedroom similar to this one. We’re just going to cover the walls but it doesn’t mean you can’t spruce them up. There’s a very beautiful shade of blue that complements the color as well as the pillows and the accent pieces. The colors will still be similar but the color palette would change because of that. This is a contemporary bedroom with an elegant and chic combination of cream and blue.{found on designsponge}.

Light Blue Living Room Curtains Photo 2

Photos courtesy of Bjurfors

Light Blue Living Room Curtains Photo 3

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Light Blue Living Room Curtains Photo 4

Light Blue Living Room Curtains Photo 5