In the house there’s not a lot of color to work with. The space is usually flexible and, if a certain set of colors don’t mean as unlimited as red, that’s fine, too and you can work with whatever color you want. However, most often there are variations on colors used in a living room’s design and furniture. This is a very common situation and the results is very impressive.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the basic rules you need to follow when decorating a living room with blue. There are 5 main color combos to follow in this case. White, blue and orange (in fact the favorite colors of the whole house) are combinations like white, orange and blue. If, on the contrary, you prefer something lighter and more classical, consider the combination of red and blue.

If you want to create a contrast of the colors that you use in the room, you should try a monochromatic décor. A good tip is to keep the color palette centered around a few colors as this allows the room to feel harmonious and inviting. And if, on the contrary, you want the room to feel grand and intimate in order to emphasize your colors, you should add an oversized pendant lamp, for example, on a side table and on an accent pillows.

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When decorating a small living room with low ceilings, you can make it feel even smaller and more spacious. A little bit of contrast can be a good strategy, especially if the room is open to the exterior and has exposed beams. And, of course, you can also play with the colors, with the 3D effect that the curtains provide.

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The color combination displayed in your living room can also be adapted to a reading nook, dining area and so on. For example, you can only use one color, one color that stands out and that doesn’t clash with the rest of the décor or that one color simply complements without being very bold.

The bed is the main element that remains undisturbed by all the other accent features. But when the bed is actually used for seating, it doesn’t help to have a comfortable bed. Still, the décor needs to feel relaxing as well.

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Nature is your best friend when it comes to decorations and accent features. So try to think out of the box when picking a color palette for the living room. The same goes for black and white striped furniture and accent pieces.

And if the room doesn’t seem large enough to do anything with the décor, you can try to remove wall art. Of course, this can’t be something you do for the living room, especially if you also want the space to feel open and airy. You could frame your own paintings, votives or globes and hang them in front of the windows or outside, just to add some color and dynamism to the décor.

A fresh and interesting approach is to use color such as red, yellow or green to insert a pre-packaged background, white to blend in and give the room a sophisticated and modern look and to let other elements prove their uniqueness.

Play with contrasts and geometric shapes to create the best effect. This is also a great idea in the case of a minimalist, contemporary living room. The main piece can be positioned in front of a large windows with panoramic views and you can add the accent details such as the doormat or the firepit. The colors and the materials are very important in this case.

It’s also important to choose the right color for the living room. This way you create a focal point for the room and you Manz Fly will be able to enjoy the rest of the space and the views for a long time. Now that you’re familiar with living room colors it’s easier to adapt these concepts. All you need is a creative mind and a space you want to spend time in.