When decorating or renovating a home it’s always good to keep in mind that it’s a long and tiring process. A house needs to have a surprising entrance and then you can start adding all sorts of decorations and accessories. Today we’re going to focus on blue curtains, not just one but two major elements that you should be familiar with in order to find the color that you like best.

The first thing you should have in mind is the style you have chosen for the room. This will determine whether you can also personalize it as a way of introducing color and character to the room. Also, it’s important to use bold colors, also known in the kitchen as shades, if the room features a predominantly white background.

You also have to think of the tones or colors of the room as a whole. The shades need to be somewhat separated. There is a mix of blue tones that naturally create the ideas of a minimalist, monochromatic décor, like a black and white combo but with little variations.

The color you choose needs to be visually interesting. Having a color which fades or stands out visually as a part of the wall is a very clever idea, as it complements well the walls that already have a color. The classical blue and white combination is very elegant but often less used because of the association with the black thread.

The colors used in this case are faint to be but also very soothing. You can use blue, pink, light blue, cream and light blue if you want to create a similar look in the room. The classical black and white duo is also easy to combine. The walls need to be simple but also bright and the furniture needs to be sleek and not missing.

This is the era of minimalist and contemporary. Everything else in the room seems very neutral. However, there’s something very special about this combination of colors. The textures are very nice and they create a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. And the same thing can be said about the overall design and décor of the room. The pastel blue is the perfect choice. It will create a very casual and relaxed atmosphere while also being simple and versatile.

Light Blue Curtains Living Room Photo 7