For a serious artist or sports fan, blue would be a perfect color to introduce you to. This sofa would definitely catch your eye, as it’s the main color for this living room designed by Perianthi. The sofa is blue, as we all know, and it suits the living room perfectly. Also, it’s a very nice color that would look amazing in the living room, given how the space is divided into big zones.

It’s a bright color, but it also looks very warm and cozy. The pillows are also quite well chosen, by allowing you to change the color palette on the sofa. Add a few colorful throw pillows as well, if you want to and there’s enough space left over for everyone. You could also throw in some posters or photos, but make sure they are fun and interesting to look at. This is a first impression so be creative. Good luck, I wish new and more ideas like this.

Light Blue Couch Living Room Ideas By Perianthi Photo 3