In the living room is a place to relax, get recreation and to have fun. It’s why every room should have light blue walls. They create a sense of calm and peace and they also promote that by letting you feel at ease and by connecting you to the atmosphere and the people around you. Now before you get rid of a lamp and get ready to spend the evening taking care of your lighting you just need to pick a color scheme for the walls, area rugs, area rugs, furniture and that one thing. These light blue o the walls can be a source for inspiration.

This is a living room with a very simple design. The walls are pale blue and this creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. The sofas and armchairs are a cheerful color. The sofa is the main attraction and it’s very cozy and comfortable. The beige walls, the walls are soothing and neutral and so are the light shades of blue that also create this beautiful contrast. The sofas don’t only have blue but they also have other colorful patterns that send you off track, like the bunting or the green grass squares.

Light Blue Accessories For Living Room Photo 2

The dining table is in the middle of the room and it’s the most interesting piece of furniture. It doesn’t impress with its color either. Its role is mostly decorative but when illuminated with the sunlight it actually brightens up everything around it. In order to add practical storage in a strategic area without taking too much space, you can have the table placed above the dining table and turn it into a display area for the framed pictures, maybe also a shelf or small planter.{pictures from bhg}.

Light Blue Accessories For Living Room Photo 4