In modern homes the rooms are often larger and have more open floor plans and airy interior designs. There are certain elements that help create an airy and a cohesive and spacious décor throughout the room. For example, a light floor plan includes these elements. The key is to choose simple furniture and to adopt a simple color palette and a neutral color combination.

A light floor plan can also include dynamic accent furniture pieces such as the bed or the bedside tables. Then there are also pieces that are less bulky and simple, such as the coffee table or the fireplace piece.

The colors are important as well. For example, if the room is based on neutrals, the colors would have to be warm and earthy and you want the décor to feel inviting.

The flooring also need to be subtle and to match with the colors and textures or something else would create a contrasting look so the walls need to be white for example and then use a bold accent color for contrast. It’s a simple solution and it can also be a great idea as well. It’s a great idea if you have a white background and you want to maintain simple and airy décor using darker colors.

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