Modern living rooms are usually relatively simple and not very sophisticated in terms of interior décor. Still, there are some pieces of furniture that can make your living space simpler and more inviting. A living room that doesn’t really need an interior design or décor very much is usually perceived as a bad view. But that was only the beginning. Nowadays it’s easier to integrate that feeling into the décor. For example, if you have a fireplace don’t make it sit on the wall. You can hang it from the ceiling or you can make a false roof look like that. Just add that rug on the floor, make it stand out and add some more elements.

Another thing that can completely change the way a living room looks like is the carpet.Now we can definitely have a living room that looks like that. It has a rug and carpet and a beautiful chevron pattern. The key is knowing what to use and what not to. For a cozy and comfortable interior a low carpet should be used instead, and a large one or a rug could help you.

The living room that you see here is not overly spacious and the important part is having the right furniture. The bad furniture is that you will feel a bad person that might give up or come home with you. It is not a very spacious room. But you could make it comfortable and it will surely look more welcoming and you’ll have a nice and pleasant mood.

Leopard Print Rug Living Room Designed By Karim Rashid Photo 3

Leopard Print Rug Living Room Designed By Karim Rashid Photo 4