White living rooms with accents of animal prints would immediately captivate. It is also the case of interior designing firm RemodelingCellos. They’ve managed to line both their walls and their floor with animal prints. As the designer, hedon enjoys working with simplicity. This approach has resulted in beautifully-balanced interiors enhanced with high-end furniture and accessories.

At Zumucket, the goal was to create a relaxing and inviting living room without without without being too feminine or pretentious. As the designer, she basically defined the main color as a blank palette. From here, the details have been revealed: the sofa, the walls, the furniture, the curtains and the little things like the lamps or the wall art.

The combination of colors is bold and dynamic and the texture adds a sober touch to the décor. Simple, plain colors are sometimes the only yin and the natural accents are very chic, charming and unique.

But there’s also an equally elegant color, black. Beautiful in small amounts, vibrant with simple, modern features, this color is closer to the colder gray than the primary tone. Whether it’s a tall chair in a sunny dappled light, a simple side table, a perfect coffee table or a perfect piece of furniture, the black background makes you forget.