The living room is a space that needs to look and feel inviting, that should have a décor that reflects a certain style, whatever it’s called. There are several different styles and designs to choose from when decorating a living room and this can be a very helpful element when you decide to go with a certain theme for your design. For example, you could go with natural wood finishes or with modern decorations.

We have selected a series of living room designs featuring accent colors and decors. Some of those chosen are from Disney Princess bedroom theme featured on Apumpkinandaprincess. Others are beautiful interior designs featuring piano, chevron, globe tree and a great pop of turquoise.

Leopard Decor For Living Room Photo 3

As you can see, simplicity and subtle colors are very beautifully combined. Most of the furniture pieces are made of wood, but some pieces are made of composite, which creates a very soothing and casual look, not to mention elegant and sophisticated spaces that share in common similar details. For those who are interested can find out more about this project and everything that comes from the site.

Leopard Decor For Living Room Photo 5