Designers love to use all sorts of materials in order to express themselves in order to create perfectly balanced interiors. It is also the case of the Espace chair which depicts an elegant living room with subtle and elegant details. The wood and leather combination become very elegant when combined with the stainless steel chair frame.

The combination of wood and leather is subtle and very pleasant to the eye. The chair is light and graceful even though it has visible wood underneath. The upholstery has a classical design with thin leather strings that form diamond shapes. The leather and lightness make the chair a very beautiful choice. In case you have forgotten what that’s all about, all you have to do is look at the picture and you understand what it means. It’s a simple piece, appropriate for the living room and great for dining rooms. Of course, it would make a great addition to any home, regardless of the style. A simple living room décor, however, is usually elegant.

Here are some examples of interiors featuring the Espace chair. The chair has modern lines but distinguishes itself from other similar pieces with its sharp lines and beautiful color. Also, the leather upholstery makes it look even more elegant and stylish. The Espace chair is also available in self-rubbed bed, automatic or automatic upholstery, accent or leather.

Leather And Fabric Living Room Make An Impression Photo 3

Leather And Fabric Living Room Make An Impression Photo 4