Debette Rana is a very talented interior design editor that lives in Barcelona and has a very beautiful design for her home. When not spend on rent, she encourages visitors to visit whenever it’s possible to create a special first impression and personalize the space. She manages to create a very distinguished home, the type of complex that everyone talks about more than any other type.

The owner is a born on the street and the designer tries to keep her identity and style part of the home, too. That’s how she succeeded in turning this useless room into a very inviting and pleasant place. The designer’s goal was to turn an unused corner into an actual living room. For that she used lots of cozy and colorful furniture.

The main idea was to create a modern design and to use colorful bright colors. For example, the living room has marigolds and furniture that only gives it a hint of color. The dining room is very simple as well, except for the chair that seems to be a part of the wall unit. The kitchen is bright and the cabinets are very functional. It’s a very nice apartment, the perfect combination of modern and vintage.{found on nuevo-estilo}