This chic sofa was designed by Enrico Zanolla and is currently for sale. It comes in a variety of colors and 3 different sizes. The sofa is very simple and also it’s also a very versatile piece of furniture that would look great in almost any living room or home.

The sofa has been crafted out of tones of white and brown and it has a similar high density cover that makes it very breathable. There’s also a very convenient tip for this piece of furniture; the table won’t be lying flat when you close it. Moreover, the table has been designed very carefully, with a very simple shape and very thin legs. This means it’s a very resistant piece and it’s also a versatile piece of furniture.

The sofa has a wooden base that provides stability and the total black cover. The sofa is available in multiple configurations and versions. The overall dimensions of this cozy and elegant piece of furniture are 140 cm by 130 cm. Add it to your living room, living room, library or just your office and you will feel comfortable. The simplicity of the design and the stylish appeal of this piece definitely makes it a great choice for a large family. You can buy the L-shaped sofa for $3,600. The piece was designed in 2012 and it’s available in leather, cotton, Italian cotton and grey 80% polyester. Elegant, exquisite and stylish, with a modern twist.

L Shaped Sofa For Small Living Room, Table In The Same Piece, Chair In Same Photo 4