These days I was in the park with my little daughter when I saw this nice living room. My head was starting to hurt and I was a little afraid to move along. It looks like it has no legs. I was trying to figure out how to make comfortable living room furniture by adding some nice leather armchair and some comfortable sofas. I did it and found out it could be a big challenge. After some researching I came up with the idea of making a Staggered Seats 24? Taller Sofa.

It was easy and cheap looking furniture that has a nice long red bow about it, supporting it with small bands of upholstery. The leather straps and loose cushions make the piece even more resistant. It is made of heavy-duty foam and the frame is made of foam vinyl plus with metal spacers. The Staggered Seats B&B, sold separately, bring the furniture storage-friendly feel of the traditional market while the modern look makes it secure in its simple design. Purchase them in sets of two, and you can order a plain white one, or a more chunky version, perfect for the small room.

The metal strapping and the fabric are perfect for the chair back, and the chair rests on a metal support that keeps it level. If you want to see some more details, I am located below the product pictures to see what are available.

If you are a DIYer, this is a great piece for you. You can try cutting equal parts wood and metal, but it is guaranteed the straight and the wrong material will stain this chair very poorly. I don’t have to worry for you, as my dining room will look fabulous with this chair.

Your wife would be more than happy to help you out. You can find the plans and these shopping conditions on the blog – unless something happens to the tutorial’s photos, that’s perfectly acceptable to make happen.