There are many people who love industrial and vintage pieces of furniture. And recently they have really come back with a taste for leather. It’s natural for these pieces of furniture to have that splashed finish, but now it’s the best material you can use for furniture. This living room design is a perfect example. It features a cozy leather sofa with a nail head trim on the backside and with graphic print, which creates a nice retro vibe in this otherwise traditional room.

As leather is a material that is soft to touch and very versatile as well as warm and durable, this design incorporates two armrests and three pendant lamps with a matte metal finish. The frame is particularly interesting because the central metal beam is black, the other two being white. The effect is a dark and metallic one. The leather upholstery is extremely cozy and comfortable and the pendant lamps are very lovely as footstools. The space only has one large lamp, one for each side of the sofa.

The traditional look is continued throughout the room as a result of the mix of textile from the furniture and black and white stripes that cover the walls. The result is a timeless design that can only be appreciated by children. The furniture is child-safe, an example of good taste and elegance.

L Shaped Living Room Design By Trondissement Photo 4

L Shaped Living Room Design By Trondissement Photo 5