The key to a pleasant interior design is knowing how to combine various types of spaces and styles and choosing the right combinations. For example, in this case it would be interesting to know that the living room is spacious. It features two main areas. One is the dining area and the other one is the entertainment area/ bar. They are all well delimited.

The different heights of the furniture in these rooms also play an important role in the overall look. They let people move through the space and interact with each other at the same time. This design detail is another element that emphasizes the idea of distance between all the elements. Notice that the dining table is the largest piece of furniture and it has a height of 13.5 meters. It’s a high piece but, underneath it, it’s a very welcoming space.

L Shaped Living Dining Room – A Perfect Combo With A Bar Photo 2

Overall, the décor is elegant and stylish. The colors are sober and balanced and the textures are pleasant and well- chosen. The glass walls are a very nice detail and they create the impression of a larger space. The wooden floors also have thick rugs that are excellent for both absorbing and repelling things.{found on compositionempire}.