When decorating a house it’s also a hobby. So it’s important to make it look inviting and cozy and to personalize it and to use your style and the room’s personality in some way. This particular one is a very welcoming and cozy living room. It’s bright and modern and it even has a fireplace.

The living room shares an open floor plan with the dining room and the kitchen. They continue one room down and they contain one large lounge area. There’s also a second lounge area in one of the rooms. It’s a transition space that acts like a delimitation between two spaces.

The kitchen shares some of the same characteristics. It features a stainless steel kitchen island and a spacious pantry. It also has marble countertops and cabinets, white cabinetry and white as a backdrop. The apartment also features two bedrooms, one of which has been lavastone concrete walls and one bedroom black metalwork walls. It’s a barrier that separates two areas without completely separating them. The lounge area features a sculptural staircase that leads to the private areas. The bedroom is small and cozy. It features white bedding, pink walls, gray accent furniture, white trims and all the white features featured in the other rooms.

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