If you love flowers and you like decorating them yourself, I suggest you visit the designer’s web site because there’s always something you can do to also repaint them or replace them. We’ve seen a bunch of great projects for the living room walls and this is one of them. It’s called Miles and it’s a line of curtains that looks just like those Google search-able Maps. But what else is going on with this name?

It’s about time someone would think about it. So how about using some ideas from Tadao Ando to create something truly spectacular?

This Miles curtains uses the map of the world as a guide while also integrating it into the design of the curtains. Choosing a design and setting just right. And the fine detail you just crafted is like a 3D art. But what I really love about this design is the way the curtains go where you choose. You can use the curtains to hide pillows, hanging clothes or some other things you might find appropriate. But there’s so much that’s fun about it. It’s such a fun way to create unique decorations for the walls. Besides that, they also have a very beautiful smell, which is quite unique. It will make your friends always remember those little red tiles.

Kmart Curtains For Living Room Photo 4