Le Porte Design, an international architectural studio has designed the kitchen window for the living room of the Montparnasse Hotel in Marseille. The window project is based on the idea of a kitchen being the center of a space in which the environment feels private and peaceful. It’s a great idea for small homes because it provides a space in which to express individuality. It’s not an apartment, it’s rather a small home that can be used as a student apartment or a single dwelling. It has a window that faces the street, directly into the kitchen of the hotel.

The kitchen is small and simple so I would say it’s a style statement for the living room. Notice the simple and casual colors and the white furniture. The only contrasting color is the pop of color seen in the stairs. Then there’s also the fact that in this case, the window is rectangular. The whole point of designing this kitchen was to create this simple, smooth and clean contrast, to create a continuous, uninterrupted structure. The same color tones can also be seen throughout the room. They are beautifully chosen for the concrete floor, walls and for the furniture. I particularly like the combination of matte black and silver. I consider this kitchen to be very simple, elegant and fresh.

But the kitchen is not the main point. The interior design is just as important as the exterior one. When you look at this house you can say that the result was good but simple and yet so unusual. And the interior is just as beautiful and chic. The colors are especially great.The materials used are simple and they don’t stand out much, keep everything simple with neutral-colored walls and maybe a little more color. This way the transition between the black and white façade to the interior is smooth and the result is more beautiful than anticipated.

Kitchen Window To Living Room By Alain Carle Architecte Photo 3