The owners of this home had a specific request that had to be considered. It was a small and challenging area, with a tiny footprint but hopefully it wouldn’t have to suffer. This house is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and it was designed by KMK Architects. They had to create something energy efficient and also to try to respect the clients’ requests. They had a very big challenge in mind. The architect needed to create something that would both integrate well in the surroundings and the inhabitants would feel comfortable and would be able to move around.

The residence was built on a 60’s/ 80’ wide x 144’’ high x indicate the passage between the kitchen and the living room. A single room has been included in the project. The kitchen has been isolated for a more private area for the children, and the living room has been located outdoors. This way, the rooms are not separated by the rest of the apartment and the communication between the kitchen and living room is more easily done. The overall design of the residence as a whole is minimalist and modern. These four elements coexist harmoniously and it’s the small items and the beautiful stripes on the wall that really set a beautiful and stylish décor.

evokes rich and complex context and that’s also what the name of this project was created from. It’s called Fresh and it’s a perfect combination between simplicity and complexity and it’s both elegant and fresh. Even though the kitchen is situated in the open area of the home, it’s still connected to the living space and to the courtyard through the large windows.

Kitchen To Living Room Pass Through This Home By KMK Architects Photo 3

Kitchen To Living Room Pass Through This Home By KMK Architects Photo 4