The kitchen is often a social area, a place where we receive guests and spend time with family members. Most often, it is just for cooking meals. But this doesn’t mean it is a boring place. In fact, it is a very important area for a family home, a space where the family enjoys spending time. There are lots of nice areas to enjoy with your family, whether it is cooking, reading or just hanging out on the kitchen table.

The Kitchen Fair concept was created by Chista Garcia Design and its intended customers weretwo Mexican owners who had recently concluded that the contemporary kitchen should be located in their kitchen.The idea was to design a contemporary open kitchen in a traditional setting. It sounds like an impossible concept, but the owners managed to find the perfect balance between what the owners wanted and what they wanted to create. The result was the open kitchen design, where you can enjoy spending time both in the kitchen and in the living room.

The green glass walls and the skylights give the kitchen a casual feel. The atmosphere is warm, very cozy and pleasant to be in. The furniture is modern and minimalist. The kitchen is equipped with a stainless steel appliances, so it is equipped with all the necessary gadgets necessary to make your cooking a minimum of problems. The huge glass windows offer you a wonderful perspective over the wonderful, contemporary interiors.{found on contemporist}.

Kitchen Living Room Open Floor Plan Paint Colors Photo 3