Ever since knitters have permanently tried to create cozy furniture, a safe place and welcoming play place in our homes we all try to create cozyness spaces where we can spend time comfortably in our natural surroundings. Little by little the little things that make us feel welcome and comfortable have made an improvement in their use and their versatility.

Twin bedrooms, kingly apartments, queen apartments, living rooms or even small apartments without windows cannot do all that. Sometimes these persons build mini rooms in their homes or build multifunctional bedrooms, living room or short hall areas which are designed to create the comfy and inviting aspect of their tiny houses. Though usually these persons take the idea of comfort into account when they build small homes.

Ideas of how to include functions in a small mobile home are taken into consideration and the well designed things to be made love to such homes. The cozy, welcoming part of a kingly room with a canopy bed and a living room are made easily while grouping together four functions on each piece of wood.

Kingvale Black 2pc Living Room Furniture Photo 3

Now here’s a mobile design which combined functions such as sleeping quarters, cooking space, office along with a stylish kitchen to bring the mobile house into the urban jungle. Nowadays a lot of people seem to take this idea even further and they started to design additional features like a loft bed or a cool office in there. Definitely a great idea!

Now that I think of it, this kind of mobile homes should be recognized in current western countries as remarkable and daring decorations that no longer inspire our thoughts and our dreams. It’s a big success and a huge boost of energy and imagination.{found on inhabitat}.

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